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Shoichi Seino at Don Soker Gallery
Shoichi Seino – “Metamorphosis of Matter”
January 20 – February 24, 2024

Don Soker Contemporary Art is pleased to announce “Metamorphosis of Matter” a solo exhibition of wall mounted ceramic works by the Japanese artist Shoichi Seino from January 20 – February 24. The works in the exhibition are of unusual techniques and materials: industrial ceramic carbon and white ceramic fiberboard. From the early 1970’s when he began to work as an artist in the field of ceramics, Seino’s primary interest has been the organic changes in the nature and the essential qualities of materials. In this, he is connected to the Japanese conceptual art movement of that period known as Mono-ha, or “School of Things”. For him, ceramic art is important as a means of exposing the qualities of the material, as opposed to the creation of form.

Shoichi Seino  at Don Soker Gallery