Don Soker Gallery
2180 Bryant Street Ste.205, San Francisco CA 94110 | 415.291.0966
Open by appointment
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August 30 - September 27
Haraszthy200 Festival and Red & White Exhibition of American and Hungarian artists to commemorate the 200th birthday of the founder of California wine culture
Eva Maria Banyasz (H), Christel Dillbohner (USA), Peter Dimick (USA), Daniel Erdely (H), Gabor Erdelyi (H), Janos Fajo (H), Andras Gal (H), Jesse Gottesman (USA), Istvan Halmi-Horvath (H), John A. Hiigli (USA, Istvan Haraszty (H), Vandorn Hinnant (USA), Bence Marafko (H), Liz Maxwell (USA), Rob de Oude (USA), Balazs Pataki (H), Aaron Parazette (USA), Janos Szasz Saxon (H), Theodora Varnay Jones (USA), Kati Vilim (USA)